Training Schedule

Next Training Schedule – October 2nd 2022

AST AWS Support Engineer Training Schedule

100 Level Training (Beginner)

Note: In our last “Expository to commencement catch up meeting majority agreed that we should move both days time of training to 7pm for uniformity and so as to allow everyone some time after the session to revise what was taught in class. Schedules for subsequent months will be released in due time

All Training Sessions Online (on ZOOM)

MonthDayDateTime Zone (AEST)
Oct 2022Sunday2nd (3 hours)7 pm – 10pm
 Oct 2022Wednesday5th (3 hours)7 pm – 10pm
Oct 2022Sunday9th (3 hours)7pm – 10pm
 Oct 2022Wednesday12th (3 hours)7 pm – 10pm
Oct 2022Sunday16th (3 hours)7pm – 10pm
 Oct 2022Wednesday19th (3 hours)7 pm – 10pm
Oct 2022Sunday23rd (3 hours)7pm – 10pm
Oct 2022Wednesday26th (3 hours)7 pm – 10pm
Oct 2022Sunday30th (3 hours)7 pm – 10pm